A comprehensive Windows-based editor for Microprose Grand Prix 2 that allows you to change grip levels, engine power, car weights, pit lane positions and speed limits, camera positions, likelihood of car failure, split-time information

22 new car cockpits (11 SVGA and 11 VGA) that replicas of those on the 1997 grid.

Pre-defined set-ups for joysticks, keyboard and wheel and pedal controllers.

10 new and updated tracks from around the world that allow you to bring Grand Prix 2 right up to date for the 1997 season. If that isn't what you want, try one of the other 4 tracks included. 

Race at any of the following tracks: 

  • Albert Park (Australian Grand Prix 1996-1997 layout)
  • Circuit Oscar Galvez (Argentinean Grand Prix 1995-1997 layout)
  • Nurburgring (Luxembourg/European Grand Prix 1995-1997 layout)
  • Zeltweg (Austrian Grand Prix 1997 layout)
  • revised Silverstone (British Grand Prix 1997 layout)
  • revised Imola (San Marino Grand Prix 1995-1997 layout)
  • Paul Ricard
  • Donnington Park
  • Brands Hatch
  • Zandvoort
Detailed track guides for the both original Grand Prix 2 circuits and the new circuits included with this product.

Patch for Perfect Grand Prix Track Pack & Game Editor available. This fixes a few bugs with the editor itself. Download it here.

"Perfect Grand Prix - Track Pack and Game Editor" Demo is now available with one track and one cockpit. Download the demo here, . (Filesize=1,358,848 bytes) (This demo requires Windows 95)

System Requirements
  • PC CD-ROM IBM PC and 100% Compatible (PC 486/66MHz or higher.)
  • Windows 95 - 16Mb RAM required (This program will not run on Windows 3.1)
  • VGA or SVGA and 2-speed CD-ROM or faster required.

  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible