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GRANDprix2 Editor and Car Set Creator
Author:  Steven Young
GP2edit allows you to create single file car sets which can contain all cars, helmets, wheels, names 
numbers and performance data, custom cockpits, sound effects, track adverts and much more... 
GP2edit-32 features:-
Edit team/engine names, performance and reliability. 
Edit driver names, numbers and performance. 
Grid and race calculators to aid performance editing. 
Disable up to 2 drivers/cars. 
Replace car graphics with your own bitmaps. 
Replace helmet graphics with your own bitmaps. 
Preview new car bitmaps in 3d. 
Set high or low nose cones. 
Car Number Position editor. 
Edit pit crew colours, pit lane position and speed limit. 
Edit cockpit/mirror/wing colours. 
Replace wheel graphics with your own bitmaps. 
Replace all Sound effects with your own WAV files. 
Edit helmets used on 'Choose Driver/Team' menu. 
Edit Onboard camera views. 
Replace all other texture files used in the game. 
Edit how easily cars get damaged. 
Edit Cockpit design and gauge layout (with CPD v1.3 support). 
Store up to 8 spare drivers in a car set. 
Display driver 1 as 1 or 0. 
Choose which driver aids are available. 
Set players car power, or make it use the selected team power. 
Set quick race length. 
Adjust players and computer cars weight. 
Change players tyre grip. 
Set the initial fuel load in practice and Qualifying sessions. 
Edit the championship points awarded. 
Set the number of laps in a 100% race. 
Load/save single team files 
Load/save performance text files. 
Create self installing DOS car set.
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